Creat A Movie Using Your Facebook Timeline Images

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Well,.. I think it is a good apalication for you, wich want to show up your photos on facebook more interest.
Timeline moviemaker is an application that can convert you life into a movie. The movie is just like an official video that Facebook made for introducing Timeline. But the movie contain your images. After launching the new timeline interface, Facebook and Marketing Agency Definition 6 have released this app that automatically takes your images and videos stored on facebook and turns them into an amazing movie. Oh yah, If you want to make it, you also need to have 50 or more images shared it friends or public.

And this is step how to Creat A Movie Using Facebook Timeline Images.

1. Go to Timeline Movie Maker. And click on make your movie

2. Authorize your facebook account and give permissions, as you do with any Facebook application.

 3. Wait for some time while the application fetches your images and videos and arrange them in a beautiful manner

 I didn't have a lot of images to share with puplic, so I must add more photos

I'm sorry I can't show the next step with images. But if you have 50 or more images wich share to firend and puplic, You just wait like on the step 3. 

And Once the application is done with fetching images and videos, you will have your video running. When the video ends you will displayed with options to change the sountrack, the images and to share the videos. But the option to change the images is very disappointing and the share button lets you share the link to the website and not your own videos.

I just share, good luck for you who want to try, . haha:D

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4 komentar

  1. thanks for this useful tutorial :)

  2. hasil jadinya gimana ya?
    kq tetep g paham aku...

    1. hasil akhirnya,.nanti movie yg kmu bkin akan d putar, truz klo udah slse kmu d sruh milih buat mengubah soundtrack,gambar dan berbagi video. Tapi pilihan untuk mengubah gambar ato sountracknya mengecewakan dan tombol sharenya itu nggak mengeshare movie yang kita bikin tadi.


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