Friday, March 9, 2012

Badai Matahari 2012

Akhir- akhir ini lagi heboh-hebohnya berita tentang badai matahari..Bahkan Isu-isu yang beredar badai matahari dapat menyebabkan dunia kiamat. Dan Badai matahari terbesar dalam lima tahun datang ke bumi pada tanggal 8 Maret kemarin Lalu, apa sih sebenernya badai matahari itu.
Nah menurut wikipedia, badai matahari atau solar flare didefinisikan sebagai berikut :
"Badai Matahari adalah sebuah ledakan tiba-tiba yang bisa dilihat di permukaan matahari, yaitu diartikan sebagai pelepasan energi yang besar mencapai 6 x 10 pangkat 25 joul ( sekitar seperenam dari output energi matahari per detik)."
Lalu seperti apa sih badai matahari itu, berikut adalah foto-foto badai matahari 2012 :

Dampak Badai Matahari bagi bumi

Abis liyat foto-foto diatas ngeri banget ya Badai Matahari itu, trus apa saja dampak badai matahari bagi bumi? Menurut peneliti utama Astronomi-Astrofisika Lembaga Penerbangan dan Antariksa Nsional (LAPAN) Thomas Djmaluddin:

          ".....dalam kondisi maksimum itu dapat mengganggu manusia, terutama pada teknologi antariksa."
 artinya teknologi yang memakai satelit akan terganggu sperti telepon terputus, saluran radio, dan televisi menjadi rusak bahkan internet sekalipun. Dan sebagai makhluk yang beriman, apapun hal yang akan terjadi kita tetap harus percaya kepada  Tuhan Yang Maha Esa bahwa Kiamat hanyalah Dia yang mengethui kapan hari itu akan terjadi, . :)

Saturday, March 3, 2012

MV Dream High 2 Ost. Part 6 "B Class Life"

Hey You You and You!:D
JYP Entertainment recently uploaded to their youtube channel a sweet little treat.
I really really like this. this song easy listening, really addictive and catchy. Ever since I hear this song, I just kept singing it over and over again , . .hahaha

just check this out now. .:D

Creat A Movie Using Your Facebook Timeline Images

Well,.. I think it is a good apalication for you, wich want to show up your photos on facebook more interest.
Timeline moviemaker is an application that can convert you life into a movie. The movie is just like an official video that Facebook made for introducing Timeline. But the movie contain your images. After launching the new timeline interface, Facebook and Marketing Agency Definition 6 have released this app that automatically takes your images and videos stored on facebook and turns them into an amazing movie. Oh yah, If you want to make it, you also need to have 50 or more images shared it friends or public.

And this is step how to Creat A Movie Using Facebook Timeline Images.

1. Go to Timeline Movie Maker. And click on make your movie

2. Authorize your facebook account and give permissions, as you do with any Facebook application.

 3. Wait for some time while the application fetches your images and videos and arrange them in a beautiful manner

 I didn't have a lot of images to share with puplic, so I must add more photos

I'm sorry I can't show the next step with images. But if you have 50 or more images wich share to firend and puplic, You just wait like on the step 3. 

And Once the application is done with fetching images and videos, you will have your video running. When the video ends you will displayed with options to change the sountrack, the images and to share the videos. But the option to change the images is very disappointing and the share button lets you share the link to the website and not your own videos.

I just share, good luck for you who want to try, . haha:D

Friday, March 2, 2012

Sponsored Giveway : March 2012

Well, not much to say. I just want to join info, There's a givaway from Pygmalion Fashion. This is sponsored giveaway from Naugthy Bug and the winner will get a pretty and limited hanmade neclakes. It started on March, closed on 20 March 2012. Yah I try to follow it, . just wish me luck. .^o^

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It over and get a nice day guys..Annyeong.(^_^)/

Thursday, March 1, 2012

2PM Plans on enlisting in the Korea military together

Hy Guys..
Are you a HOTTEST ( 2PM Fans)? right?. .So put your hands up now!!:D
Oke before I sleep I want to share about 2PM Plans on enlisting in the Korea military together. Wow, so proud you guys.:-*

2PM member Chansung talked about how close the 2PM members really are.
On the February 29th Episode of MBC's 'Radio Star', Chansung who served as a guest remarked, "we have about 3 years left on our contract with JYP".

"Whether we renew our contract or not, we'e always going to be together". He cotinued, "We are even planning on enlisting in the Korea military together".

The surprised MCs then asked if Thai-citizen Nichkhun would be enlisting as well, and Chansung answered, "Nichkhun hyung will be actively promoting here in Korea".

Yah, may be many a hottest will sad with it. But I think the hottest must be happy for 2PM, that they're going strong. Just said for 2PM " Good luck and 2PM is one family forever, . .:)

I get this info from

Rest Of The Time

Well, say goodbye to February..will miss you so.,,.. :'(
say welcome to March, .\(^o^)/.

Have a long time a holiday make me forget the day,..Haha
Oh guys, but the next week, I must go to Semarang. And must start to college. Just still imagine it, made me tired.

I know, time is running up,And I must say goodbye to my holiday.Umm, I just hope that this month is a good month to start any activity. .:)

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Okey see you next time, have a nice days guys. .Annyeong. .(^_^)/